choice [chois]
[ME & OFr chois < choisir, to choose < Goth kausjan, to taste, test: see CHOOSE]
1. the act of choosing; selection
2. the right, power, or chance to choose; option
3. a person or thing chosen
4. the best or most preferable part
5. a variety from which to choose
6. a supply that is well chosen
7. an alternative
choicer, choicest
1. of special excellence; superior
2. carefully chosen
3. designating or of a grade of government-classified meat between prime and good
of choice
that is or are preferred [medically the treatment of choice]
SYN.- CHOICE implies the chance, right, or power to choose, usually by the free exercise of one's judgment [a bachelor by choice]; OPTION suggests the privilege of choosing as granted by a person or group in authority that normally exercises the power [local option on liquor sales ]; ALTERNATIVE, in strict usage, limits a choice to one of two possibilities [the alternative of paying a fine or serving 30 days ]; PREFERENCE suggests the determining of choice by predisposition or partiality [a preference for striped ties ]; SELECTION implies a wide choice and the exercise of careful discrimination [selections from the modern French poets ]

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